Home · Documents; Hojyo Takashi – Maitreya (Origami) Violinist – paper-life. Hojyo Takashi El. Takashi. Origami Maitreya designed by Hojyo Takashi folded by Ivan Svatko from uncut square of Washi Deluxe paper. [img]~origami/shasin/maitreya/[/img] Hello everyone. These pics are the Maitreya folded by takashi.

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Maitreya Help me please! Need help with folding a model? These pics are the Maitreya folded by Mr. I’ve folded this model but I have some problems. If anyone folded it perfectly please teach me. If I sink the “hat” in step 35 then I cant pull it down in step 94 because the space is too tight. Can’t pull out the “skirt”. My finished model has no soul of living ,just a dead model,not as vivid as Mr.

Can anyone give me a hint to complete this model? Miatreya type of paper are you using? If you’ve found the forum useful, please consider making a donation.

I wonder what kind of paper does Maitreyya. I got the best result for this model when I used elephant hide, but it wasn’t nearly as graceful as Hojyo Takashi’s. It’s a very difficult model to fold well. I also think it’s be better to fold the final steps without looking at the diagrams, but rather folding to taste or by looking at the pictures of the folded model.


I have been so busy recently with diagraming issues. I also get suck in modifying the shape of The Maitreya,too. I do look at the completed picture but it ‘s no use. The diagram is too faint so I cant read a maitrdya of the instructions.

Anyway,this is a nice model. This model is very difficult to fold well. I used 25cm of thin brown wrapping paper painted blue with Ecoline water based color. The shaping of the head was terrible, because there was only one layer which had to be pulled apart for the 3D look, nad the paper was too thin Even Nicolas can’t fold this model perfectly as Mr.

You cant pull down the “hat” because you don’t reverse down the “ears” copmletely. You must reverse the ears down copmpletely in order to pull the hat down.

To pull down oigami ” skirt ” out you must pull the 2nd layer from the top. Come to my place and I’ll teach you how to modify the body. Since I like human models, I like the work of Hojyo Takashi quite a bit.

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I would like to fold his various human base as practice. First up is the Maitreya base, I have figured out most of the directions of the fold, but am not quite sure on some that make up the head. I made a CP of the base with mountain folds indicated by blue lines and valley folds by red lines and the questionable folds labeled by letters j to s.


I have two questions, are the directions of the fold j to s correct?

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And how oribami I get the reference point U so that the head region is not too big or too small? If I’m not mistaken. Now the hard part begins, figuring out a proper folding sequence. If there is one thing I learned from Michael Lafosse that’s most important it is paper selection!

With something of this complexity A4 paper is just not going to make the cut.

Elephant hide may be a little thick but anything like lightweight watercolour paper or origamido paper would work. Hojyo’s folding sequences may orgiami complex but what seperates his models from others is the wet-folding and paper.

You can only get so far with A4 so try out some nice handmade paper. The results will be much better!

Maitreya Hojyo Takashi | Gilad’s Origami Page

I take it that you have folded the Maitreya model. Here is a question for you and for all those who have folded it, would you recommend folding the orrigami the crease pattern of the base first or use some folding sequence for the whole model?

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