Loyalties is a play by the British writer John Galsworthy. It was staged at St Martins Theatre and ran for over a year. Galsworthy described it as “the only. Project Gutenberg’s Loyalties (Fifth Series Plays), by John Galsworthy This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 60 by John Galsworthy. Loyalties by John Galsworthy. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Then turning back to him] Mr De Levis, I appeal to you as a gentleman to behave to us as you would we should behave to you.

I suppose there’s nothing else I ought to do, in the interests of the law? Robert is in readiness, sir; but I could swear he knows nothing about it. You’re very smart — dead men tell no tales. He sold that weed you gave him, Dancy, to Kentman, the bookie, and these were the proceeds.

Loyalties: A Drama in Three Acts – John Galsworthy – Google Books

You see, De Levis? I don’t choose him to suppose I’m afraid of him. Well, we’ll see what we can do with the bookmakers about glsworthy numbers, sir. See Dancy at once.


DANCY is in his smoking jacket. DANCY puts out his hand suddenly and grips hers. What time did you go to bed? One hundred, three fifties, and the rest tens and fives. Are you going to retract, and apologise in loyaltues of Dancy and the members who heard you?

He’ll be in directly. The ending is a bit melodramatic but the last shot in the film is both haunting and poignant given the events of the Holocaust. Galzworthy sorry; but has he t-taken it in quite the right way? Charles sent his-love–[Her voice dwindles on the word, and she, too, goes].

Loyalties (play) – Wikipedia

I said Dancy ought to have called him. Most dare-devil thing–but not quite. Did you hear anything? The door is opened. We’ve not been in there yet, Inspector; in fact, we’ve done nothing, except to find out that the stable ladder has not been moved.

Then Kentman and Goole lied–for loyaalties reason? Apart from ourselves, there’s Sir Frederic. Loyalties by John Galsworthy. There isn’t a sign. By the way, sir, what is your business? Do you think I don’t know that I’m only tolerated for my money?

Loyalties by John Galsworthy

There may be a dozen explanations. I think so, Margaret; I think so. We’re as anxious to believe Dancy as you, Colford, for the honour of the Army and the Club. Charlie, do you realise that the bathroom out there has to wash those four? She, too, is fair, about thirty-five, rather delicious, and suggestive of porcelain. Old Mr Jacob Twisden–I’ve heard of him. It’s about that we want to consult you. He turns and goes out.


Did you come up again for anything? But they don’t allow it in Court, you know. I know perfectly well that you can get me outed.

And now we betray him, perhaps, who knows? And then, of course, right up to his marriage–[She lights a cigarette. In my experience, you can never have too much of that. Loyalties Fifth Series Plays Author: I’ve done my best to dissuade him from indulging the fancy–without success. Young Man’s Fancy Within the last twenty minutes, certainly. Man called Gilman waiting in there to see you specially.