Lenore: Gottfried August Bürger: Bürger published the ballad “Lenore,” a spectral romance in which a ghostly rider, posing as Lenore’s dead lover, carries her. Leonora has 48 ratings and 5 reviews. Suvi said: Lenore complains to God how he has treated her unfairly, because her fiancé William still hasn’t returne. Full text transcription of Gottfried Burger’s ballad, ‘Lenora’ (translated by Thomas Taylor), as well as an invitation to students to join a collaborative project related.

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The night is come, — there is no more day. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

While soul and body shall hold together In his perjured heart shall be stormy weather. Kirsty rated bryer really liked it Nov 30, As the horse goes through the tombstones, the knight begins to lose its human appearance, and is revealed as Death, a skeleton with a scythe and an hourglass.

Unlucky in most things, Burger was specially unlucky in his marriages, three in number. Sam Fickling rated it liked it May 22, In one version Lenore is saved by the crowing of a cock, but in most of the stories she perishes.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The moon shines bright.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. Many lines however are very poor, from a poetic or literary point of view. Not only Stoker but also Edgar Allan Poe knew about the ballad.


At last, at last, we have reached the spot, For the speed of the dead man has slackened not! Her parents’ clumsy attempts to console her bgrer make Lenore freak out more and more, culminating in her accusing God of cruelty and injustice. Bravely the dead men ride thro’ the night.

I presume that it is a good deal less familiar to the present generation. Return to Book Page.

Lenore (Rossetti)

Dost fear, my love, the spirits? As they sank into the darkness I felt a strange chill, and a lonely feeling came over me; but a cloak was thrown over my shoulders, and a rug across my knees, and the driver said in excellent German: Then the driver cracked his whip and called to his horses, and off they swept on their way to Bukovina.

In he had begun the study of German under Dr. Mark Carter rated it liked it Oct 27, I reck no more how the world runs on: In a translation, Leonora, was published by W.

Lenore (ballad) – Wikipedia

Groans from the earth and shrieks in the air! The idioms are the elegances of which no neighbor can deprive us and they are sacred to the tutelary goddess of the language. I think it perfectly worthy of publication.


It takes the literary form of a modern-antique, and throws the period of the ballad back from the Seven Years’ War to crusading times. A Study of the Vampire in Romantic Literature. On its being shown to me, I adhered to the opinion of my boyhood—that it is a good rendering, far rather than a bad one. Reft of William are nothing worth. His face is not an interesting one: Some of the other renderings—as Taylor’s, Scott’s, and Stanley’s—are put out of count by arbitrary alterations: Finished, finished is our ride: What boots it now to hope or to pray?

Bram Stokers’ use of Gottfried Bürger’s Ballad “Lenore” in Dracula (1897)

Lenore had a profound effect on the development of Romantic literature throughout Europe [7] and a strong influence on the English ballad-writing revival of the s.

How the echo shouts aloof! Spark of my life!

He allows himself contrary to his original the latitude of leaving lines i and 3 in each stanza unrhymed and of lengthening lines 7 and 8 from three feet to four. Dropped off like brittle tinder! I myself regard this latter change as a decided improvement to the ear: