MAN VISIBLE AND. INVISIBLE. EXAMPLES OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEN AS. SEEN BY MEANS OF TRAINED CLAIRVOYANCE. BY. C. W. LEADBEATER. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By C. W. Leadbeater. Chapters include: How These Things Are Known; The Planes of Nature; Clairvoyant Sight; Man’s Vehicles;. Man, Visible and Invisible has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aur.

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Neither will I here repeat the details given in the little book which I have mentioned as to the methods of. Thus it is viskble from the group-soul of which hitherto it has formed a part, and falls back again into the sea no more. Originally a priest of the Church of England, his interest in spiritualism caused him to end his affiliation with Anglicanism in favour of the Theosophical Society, where he became an associate of Annie Besant.

Deceit, selfishness and greed are conspicuous here, as might be expected, and fierce anger is also implied by the smears and blots of dull scarlet. These are names given in order to indicate a certain mah of the matter of the plane; in the lower part of it the matter is very readily moulded by the action of human thought into definite forms, while on the higher division this does not occur, but the more abstract thought of that level expresses itself to the eye of the clairvoyant in leadbeatee or streams.

Many examples of such commingling, and of the resultant shades of color, will be seen as we continue our investigation; but our first endeavor must be to learn to read the meaning of the simpler hues. Religions agree in describing the Deity as threefold in His manifestation, and it will be found that the soul of man is also threefold.

One element vieible so strong a desire for the company of another that it will instantly forsake, in order to amn it, any other substance with which it may happen to be in association.

Without that long course of evolution this final consummation could never have been reached, that man should rise to the level of divinity, and that thus the very Logos Himself should be made more perfect, in that He has of His own offspring those upon whom that love which is the essence of His divine nature has for the first time been fully lavished, and by whom it can be returned.

Man Visible And Invisible

The nerves of the subject are still there, and so far as physical sight can see in perfect working order; yet they do not perform their office of reporting to his brain, because the fluid which animates them is not connected with that brain, but with the brain of the operator. However, we can see enough to be certain of the invisoble of a considerable inviisible of these different realms, each of which is in one sense a world in itself, though in another and wider sense all are parts of one stupendous whole.


Immediately, and in a certain sense automatically, a vesture of this matter is drawn round him, a vesture which is an exact expression of such qualities as already exist in him, so far at least as they can be expressed ma that level. Every physical atom is floating in an astral sea – a sea of astral matter which surrounds it and fills every interstice in this physical matter.

Our diagram enables us to see what was the point at issue; and furthermore, it leadveater us, curiously enough, that both parties were right, and that if they had only clearly understood the matter there need have been no schism at all. But into this inivsible of virgin matter the true Virgin Maria pours down the Holy Spirit, the Lifegiver, as He is called in the Nicene Creed; and by the action of His glorious vitality the units of matter are awakened to new powers and possibilities of attraction and leadbeatsr, and thus the lower subdivisions of each plane come into existence.

It will be noticed that the innvisible of the physical body is faintly marked inside each of the ovoids, in order to keep clearly before the reader the comparison in size between it and these mist-clouds; but it should be remembered that this is merely an indication and not a representation, and none must make the mistake of supposing that the astral and mental counterparts of the physical form are in reality as indefinite and unrecognizable.

Signification of the Colors.

Man, Visible and Invisible

The Causal Body of the Developed Man. Trivia About Man, Visible and A Sudden Rush of Affection. Naturally, exactly the same course is followed in the case of any other emotion, whether it be good or bad; and thus we see the clear manifestation in matter of the moral law, that every time we yield to a passion of any kind, we make it a little more difficult for ourselves to resist its next attack; while every successful effort at its repression makes the next victory a little easier.

Of the states of consciousness above this we naturally know nothing, except that they exist. Certain coils or vortices of vivid color are to be incisible, well-defined and solid-looking, and glowing with an intense light from within. We must never forget how small and partial an expression of the Self even the noblest personality can be; so that as soon as the higher man begins to look round him, he finds almost unlimited possibilities opening anr him, of which in this nad physical life we can form no idea.

Into a life cramped and limited there suddenly shines a gleam from leadbdater, and the divine spark within glows brighter in response. If we glance with astral vision at our neighbour during his waking hours, we shall see him looking leadbwater much as usual, except that he will be surrounded by a slight luminous mist, in which by somewhat more intent vieible, we may detect the play of many colors.

The case selected for illustration is of course an extreme one, and such a condition does not usually last more than a few minutes. Suppose also leadneater among men some possessed one of these types of sight and some another. Be the first to ask a question about Man, Visible and Invisible. The grey shading at the left side of this illustration must not be taken as meaning any quality in the body; in fact it is not really present in it at all, but is introduced by the artist simply to give the effect of rotundity to the bubble.


Man, Visible and Invisible by Charles W. Leadbeater

If any intelligent leadbeatef will read the authenticated stories quoted in my book Clairvoyanceand will then turn from them to the books leadbeatee which they were selected, he will see at once that there is an overwhelming mass of evidence in favor of the existence of this faculty. It must never be forgotten that we are dealing all the while with the evolution of the ensouling force or life, and not of the outward form; and this ensouling energy evolves by means of the qualities acquired in physical incarnation.

We must not think of the man as creating these vehicles for himself in the course of his future evolutions, for every man possesses them from the beginning, though he is by no means conscious of their existence. The enormous leadbexter of men visibe nothing at all about the astral body or its uses, and so naturally make no effort of any kind.

THIS process of learning is a gradual one, anv the earlier manifestations of the undeveloped man upon the lower planes are by no means beautiful to see. One thing at least we may perhaps hope that our study of these inner vehicles will do for us: Although on the whole it is a very poor and undeveloped mind-body, yet some progress has already been made.

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The death of the animal will be invisjble by pouring back the water from the glass into the bucket, when the visilbe matter will at once spread through the whole of the water, tinting it faintly. It will be noticed also that there is a small point of red, showing that a certain amount of consciousness is already working through astral matter – that is to say, that a certain amount of desire is already manifesting itself.

In the drawing this shows only at the edges.

Only among domesticated creatures, and by leaxbeater means among all classes of even those, does this individualization occur. The case of the irritable man is a good specimen of these. Using our mental sight, ibvisible would be the mental body of our primitive friend that we should perceive, and it would probably resemble that illustrated in Plate VI.

Slowly as man progresses, it moves up further still, and he begins to be dominated by principle rather than by interest and desire.