LG LCWSLA1 datasheet, Display Module (1-page), LCWSLA1 datasheet, LCWSLA1 pdf, LCWSLA1 datasheet pdf. LG Philips ” LCD Panel for TV,Increase brightness,Add touch,Total solution kits,Customized display,Connector,LCWSLA1,LG Philips,Wide . LCWSLA1 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. panel datasheet.

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Sell your Spare Parts on PcHub. Contrast Ratio CR is defined mathematically as: We welcome you to sell your spare parts on PcHub. In lower temperature, it becomes lower. Know more about this protection.

Storage When storing modules as spares for a long time, the following precautions are necessary. Please provide feedback after you receive your order. When the glue remains on the bezel surface or its vestige is recognized, please wipe them off with absorbent cotton lc30w01 or other soft material like chamois soaked with normal- hexane.

The below table provides a reference for color versus data input. Do not touch the surface of polarizer for bare hand or greasy cloth. I Can Supply This. For 1 second after lamp on, V br -B should be max level 3.

When V BL 24V is supplied always, there is no reliability problem. Customer Feedback Last Week Below are some customer feedback in the past 1 or 2 weeks. If the pin no.

Mechanical Characteristics The following items provide general mechanical characteristics. OGray Mosaic Pattern 8 x 6 Ver. Datasheet, inventory and accessory!


Color Data Lc320s01 The brightness of each primary coloured, green, blue is based on the 8-bit gray scale data input lc320s01 the color the higher the binary input, the brighter the color. Please avoid the floating state of interface signal zla1 invalid period. Interface Connections This LCD module employs two kinds of interface connection, a pin connector is used for the module electronics and one pin connectors are used for the integral backlight system.

It has a We not only provide Marketplace to sell your laptop spare parts, We also work closely with you to prepare the Item Information and do the uploading as well. And in lower temperature, response time required time that brightness is stable after turned on becomes longer.

LG Philips Lcwsla1 T-con Board cb b1 lb | eBay

Enter the code shown: For additional information see the FIG. General Features Active Screen Size Gray scale specification Gamma Value is approximately 2. Operating Precautions 1 The spike noise causes the mis-operation of circuits.

Precautions for Strong Light Exposure Strong light exposure causes degradation of polarizer and color filter. Twisted stress is not applied to the module.

This should be peeled off slowly and carefully by people who are electrically grounded and with well ion- blown equipment or in such a condition, etc. When 10 pin is no connection, DCR is disabled. Packing Form llc320w01 Package quantity in one box: It is recommended that they be stored in the container in which they were shipped. In addition, the figures in the next page show the detail information of mechanical drawing for LCD module. Customer Feedback Last Week. And please do not rub with dust clothes with chemical treatment.


Great experience doing business with you. The current is specified at the maximum current pattern. Surface Luminance L WH is the luminance value at center 1 -point across the LCD surface 50cm from the surface with all pixels displaying white. Knowing your laptop is working again is our greatest happiness. Be the first to write a comment.

LC320W01-SLA1 Datasheet PDF

Otherwise, it could cause that abnormal display happens. Viewing angle is the angle at which the contrast ratio is greater than When the protection film is peeled off, static electricity is generated between the film and polarizer.

Sufficient suppression to the electromagnetic interference shall be done by system manufacturers. Mounting Precautions 1 You must mount a module using holes arranged in l320w01 corners or four sides.

【Lcwsla1】HKinventory – На складе поставщиков в году【цена】【Datasheet PDF】

All Vlcd power input pins should be connected together. L x W x H Pallet gross weight: Email id required Email id not in correct format. Each pixel is divided into Red, Green and Blue sub-pixels or dots which are arranged in vertical stripes. It should be recommended that any exterior materials do not go passing up the red area slanted.