6. jan. Nikto nemôže vedieť, kde sa elektrón nachádza,. kým sa nevykona meranie – elektrón je všade. Ako sa to všetko začalo. Elektrony = vlny?. Obsah. Kvantová mechanika; Fotony; Elektrony; Atomy; Částice; Vlny. Description. When do photons, electrons, and atoms behave like particles and when do. Czech-English Dictionary: Translation for kvantová mechanika.

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Anglicko-český slovník

Vector components bases projection. Search the PhET Website. Physical chemistry Quantum physics Mechanics. Watch waves spread out and interfere mechanoka they pass through a double slit, then get detected on a screen as tiny dots.

Quantum experimentation equipment 1.

How do PhET kvantoova fit in my middle school program? The article Quantum mechanics on Wikipedia projects: Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Spinisomers of molecular hydrogen. Cold emission field off. Recognize large range of size scales involved in quantum interference experiments. One dimensional quantum random walk.

Winding number of a charge-flux composite. Gomme quantique Fentes Young. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle Graph. Pages in category “Quantum mechanics” This category contains only the following page. When do photons, electrons, and atoms behave like particles and when do they behave like waves?

Quantum Wave Interference – Kvantová mechanika, Fotony, Elektrony – PhET

Heisenberg microscope with wavefronts and electron scatter. Views View Edit History. Describe the behavior of a wave function in the presence of a detector, and explain how putting a detector over a slit destroys the interference pattern.

Please Sign In to Access. Position spin state vector. Bande energetiche quantum well.

EM Flux of Light Waves. Uhin kunatikoen arteko Interferentzia. Determine how the interference pattern will change if you change the mass, speed, or wavelength. Use quantum detectors to explore how measurements change the waves and the patterns they produce on the screen. Imatge Jechanika de Born Latest version of Java. Qm template pic 3. Disrespecting the inner rules enables the GenI swarm to fully explore its environment. To support this effort, please update your profile!


Competition of ideas within an GenI swarm. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Orders of magnitude no annotations, horizontal layout. Anyon as a charge-flux composite.