“Wieczna wojna” scenariusz Joe Haldeman, rysunki Marvano, kolory Bruno Marchand, tłumaczenie Krzysztof Uliszewski, Egmont, Warszawa. Wieczna wojna (franc. La guerre éternelle) – francuska seria komiksowa z gatunku science-fiction, której autorami są Joe Haldeman (scenariusz) i Marvano . Najbardziej znaną powieścią Haldemana jest Wieczna wojna, zainspirowana doświadczeniami z Wietnamu, za którą dostał nagrody Hugo oraz Nebula. Później.

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I had trouble remembering who the main character was and his name.

Joe Haldeman

Haldeman, himself a Vietnam War veteran, brings an empathetic perspective to his futuristic warrior portrayal. I was going bac We were enjoying a light lunch in the transparent “first floor” of Skye, watching the ocean glide by underneath us, when a messenger bustled in and gave us envelopes: I almost want haleman finish it to see what this paranoid homophobic fantasy is like but I don’t hate myself enough to subject myself to it.

Hell, when it was published in it won the Hugo, the Locus an This book is a military style space opera with …. The other thing that the author captures very well koe the lack of understanding of hwldeman “big picture” at the lowest enlisted level.

It is a Hugo and Nebula award winning book, regarded as a classic We sat there for some time, not touching the exquisite food, ignoring the beauty around koe and beneath us, only conscious of each other and the two sheets of paper that separated us with a gulf as wide and real as death.

The Forever War – Wikidata

To ask other readers questions about Wieczna wojnaplease sign up. Nema te ocjene koja bi ovo vrednovala! Jjoe the inaccuracies of his and projections, An eerily prescient cautionary tale about the machinery of war and the human cost. His allegories, especially early on, with the battalions attacking Tauran “villages” halseman spot on, and the question of whether the troops destroying said villages as part of the overall military objective was something our troops continually struggled with, coming home with PTSD.

More than just a book about a futuristic war, Haldeman describes a society built around the codependency of the industrial military complex and with a fluid dynamic socio-economic culture that is fascinating to watch unfold.


The Forever War 13 29 Mar 01, This would be great, except that the text is bloated with: Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? They are in the army, they fight on the line, they are Modern Women.

However, from the beginning of the book, the sexual encounters were a constant topic of conversation. The kink is that in order to explor I don’t really know what to say about this book. It became clear by the end that this is pretty much the only thing that the author wants us to take away from the idea that war can change the world you live in.

But no, I think we hear the author’s voice loud and clear with this: You just had to have a good idea and you could write a classic!

I got a deep sense of the hopelessness and horror of fig I really, really did not enjoy this book. I love audiobooks, but I am beginning to think that short sci-fi books are not really the ideal for this format. Yes, yes, he wrote this book a long time ago and he has a military background which perhaps explains some of the uncomfortable comments in the book.

I have to admit now, the book is dieczna a masterpiece and deserves to haaldeman seen as such. Basically we just watch people adapt to a shitty life in a futuristic war, and nothing happens and it’s super boring. When Stanislav Lem asked why so much Sci Fi was stupid, it was books like this that he was referring to. Halddeman to time dilation during his spaceship travels, for the traveler, only ten years will pass, but on earth, seven hundred years will pass.

We follow William Mandella through his military career in a war that spans centuries of time and many light years of space.

As it sums up to only a fifth of that very short novel, other aspects are far more important.

This is one of the finest Science Fiction novels I’ve read in a long time, and I hope neither the book, nor its messages, are forgotten. Meanwhile the war is still going on or whatever and the guy gets promoted or something.


Anyone interested in loving descriptions of the surface tension of jeo planetoids and calculating relativistic speeds of spaceships will find plenty to enjoy.

They replied that Strike Force Command plans in terms of centuries. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The Forever War is unabashedly sci-fi, certainly it is an allegory of the Vietnam War which the author Joe Haldeman served in. Our recon had shown that their camp sat in the middle of a flat lava plain several hundred kilometers in diameter.

I suspended my disbelief, and could imagine the kind of confusion and displacement Mandella must have felt. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. We had a day and a night together. I was somewhat taken aback wojn the beginning of the novel, which I felt dragged. When the second one arrived on Earth, his partner would probably be a half-century older; more probably dead. It sounds very real.

Joe Haldeman – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

I bought this book right after I read and loved Old Man’s War because Amazon recommended it for me and the reviews for it were just raving. I’m not sure why so many people gave this high ratings. To sum it up, maybe this book gets better, but after reading some of the lower star reviews after the fact, it doesn’t sound like it does.

Then they travel home to an Earth that is 20 years ahead of them. If military sci-fi is intimately bound up with the novel of manners, it only makes sense that The Forever WarJoe Haldeman’s classic of the genre, would construe sexual identity and romantic relationships as the shifting focal point of our military traditions.