What is the translation of the title of the instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum ? The title, Sacrament of Redemption, is taken from the opening words of the. Redemptionis Sacramentum. The Sacrament of Redemption. A Summary Guide. This is an unofficial summary and guide to the Instruction. Redemptionis sacramentum is the title of an instruction on the proper way to celebrate Mass in the Roman Rite and, with the necessary adjustments, in other.

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This abuse is contrary to the tradition of the Church. Priests must make sure that people participating in the Mass be made aware of this. Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts, Declaratio de recta interpretatione can. Otherwise, they wear their proper choir dress or a surplice over a cassock. If the Eucharist is celebrated properly, the features of the face of Christ outlined in the Gospel become in some way perceptible to the hearts of believers, just as they did to the disciples of Emmaus who “recognized him in the breaking of the bread” cf.

Overview of the «Redemptionis Sacramentum» Instruction

Views Read Edit View history. It will be preferable, moreover, when both a Priest and a Deacon are absent, that the various parts be distributed among several faithful rather than sacgamentum a single lay member of the faithful direct the whole celebration alone.

AAS sacramehtum pp. In order to preserve the dignity of the Sacred Liturgy, in any event, the external offerings should be brought forward in an appropriate manner. Whenever such associations are international in nature, it pertains to the competence of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments to establish them or to approve and revise their statutes.


It is a matter of insttruction prayer whose importance, because of its character, surpasses that of other prayers. Ignatius of Antioch, Ad Philad.

It is not possible to be silent about the abuses, even quite grave ones, against the nature of the Liturgy and the Sacraments as well as the tradition and the authority of the Church, which in our day not infrequently plague liturgical celebrations in one ecclesial environment or another.

Sacrosanctum Conciliumn.

Thirty Questions on the Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum

AAS 66 pp. Congregation for the Clergy, Response to dubium, 20 May It is the right of all of Christ’s faithful that the Liturgy “should truly be as the Church wishes, according to her stipulations as prescribed in the liturgical books and in the other laws and norms.

The instruction makes no change in already existing liturgical law. AAS 89 pp.

Overview of the “Redemptionis Sacramentum” Instruction

The instruction cites the Roman Missal insttruction reminding us that because the faithful should ordinarily receive only hosts consecrated at the Mass which they are attending, the priest should not usually go to the tabernacle for already consecrated hosts to be used in the distribution of Holy Communion. Yet God has not granted us in Christ an illusory liberty by which we may do what we wish, but a liberty by which we may do that which is fitting and right.

What abuses are described concerning the Eucharistic prayer? Let care be taken, however, lest the delineation of this function be assimilated too closely to the form of pastoral ministry that belongs to clerics.

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These roles are different from what the Instruction speaks of in Chapter 2, where it talks of the ordinary participation of laypeople in the liturgy, and in particular in the Eucharist. Ritus ad deputandum ministrum sacrae Communionis ad actum distribuendae, p. Notitiae 30 pp.

AAS sacramentu p. The document addresses a wide range of abuses, or violations of liturgical law in regard to the celebration of Mass and the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

VI editum, Ioannis Pauli Pp. Furthermore, these instructions and testimony should not be of such a nature that they could be confused with the homily, [] nor is it permissible to dispense with the homily on their account. While the sign of veneration chosen by the Bishops of the United States is a simple bow of head, no person should ever be denied Holy Communion because they have made a different gesture. In Latin, we say: The instruction states that they should receive Holy Communion under both kinds from the Eucharist consecrated at that Mass.

For its part, this Congregation, on the strength of the faculties given to it by the Roman Pontiff, according to the nature of the case, will assist the Ordinary, granting him the necessarydispensations [] or giving him instructions or prescriptions, which he is to follow diligently.

She confesses it in the loftiest way possible, that is, in a dialogue of love with her Lord. Missale Romanum, Institutio Generalis, nn.