HER LOVER SHORT STORY MAXIM GORKY A L E X E I M A X I M O V I C H P E S H K O V, P R I M A R I LY K N O W N A S M A X I M G O R K Y, WA. PDF | This paper debates three views in Maxim Gorky’s short story Her Lover. The first one is human loneliness, lack of communication. Her Lover. A Story. by Maxim Gorky. An acquaintance of mine once I lived on the top flight and her garret was opposite to mine. I never left my door open when .

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Will you grant it me?

And has he been your young man long? Go read that review: View all 15 comments. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Dec 31, dely rated it it was ok Shelves: Perhaps a bit too short to induce deep sentiment, Her Lover is ,nevertheless, a very touching and humane story.

She finished her letter with the phrase ” your sorrowing little dove, Teresa “. People always pay for their mistakes, and none of us need to be too cruel. He has a maxmi just like me here, Teresa. I thought it over, and decided to go to her, and, invited her to come in here, and use my computer if she wanted.

Anatoly’s blog: Her Lover by Maxim Gorky Analysis

Sometimes I ran into her on the staircase or in the yard, and she would smile at me with a smile that seemed to me to be sly and cynical. He doesn’t exist, but he might!


Presidential Candidates of the Future: Her Lover by Maxim Gorky 7 34 Jan 06, They are, first of all, people with the same bones, flesh, and blood and nerves as ourselves. Cannot I, a girl, have a young man? When they randomly met in the yard, she would smile horky seemed to the narrator as sly and cynical. Gorky’s writing was very simple ,over easy to follow. She lives alone in her apartment and there is no one in this world to treat her with love.

Is it a hard thing for you to draw your pen over paper?

Maxim Gorky’s “Her Lover.”

Her Lover is not just a warning about the fact that we shouldn’t judge others too harshly, it’s just a testament herr human loneliness, it’s also a reminder that there is always more than we see. I was bored; the weather was dirty. I waited to see what would come of all this, and I saw and felt that, apparently, I had made a great mistake in suspecting her of wishing to draw me from the path of righteousness.

Jun 28, Viji Bookish endeavors rated it it was ok.


When she approaches him and asks him to write a letter to her lover, he does so. Nicole rated it really liked it May 30, And Teresa–that’s me, and he replies to me, and then I write to him again What is the meaning of all this?

Student, you have no pressing business, I hope? Is it a hard thing for you to let me use your computer to post now and then? There’s no Boles, you say?

On such occasions she would speak to me. I was bored; the weather was bad. The narrator nearly burst out laughing, hearing this from the woman who was more than five feet high. May the Mother of God protect thee! Return to Lovre Page.

[Premiere] “Her Lover” By Maxim Gorky – Morning Short –

She, of course, listened to them, and wept like anything, roared, I should say, with her bass voice. And has he been your young man long? The student’s attitude towards her, which is society’s, is that she is sleazy and beneath notice socially.