The White Spider has ratings and reviews. Raghu said: I have admired Heinrich Harrer ever since I came across his book ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ m. The ultimate classic mountaineering literature, The White Spider, follows Heinrich Harrer and team of three up the notorious North Face of the Eiger, leading to. Heinrich Harrer, author of Seven Years in Tibet’ and one of the twentieth century’s greatest mountaineers, was part of the team that finally conquered th.

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It is also the subject of “The Beckoning Silence”. This is just personal speculation.

The White Spider: The Classic Account of the Ascent of the Eiger

Mais tarde Harrer recontou esta escalada no livro The White Spider. This experience renewed Joe’s bond with Toni Kurz.

I got a little tired of the author’s constant talking about the nobility of mountain climbers and their powerfulness and chivalry. Simpson’s book is more about the mystique of the mountain, what it feels like to have most of your friends die in mountaineering accidents, and what drives people to risk their lives for nothing more than the satisfaction of climbing a mountain.

The White Spider – Heinrich Harrer – Alpkit

During the next two or three days, the team struggled to continue their ascent, but Angerer was dazed and disoriented, and their speed was reduced to a crawl. Aug 17, Corrina rated it it was amazing. I find the first set of mountaineers to pursue this terrifying wall every bit greatness personified for venturing into the unknown.

The White Spider tells the story of the first attempts to ascend the Eiger’s north face called the Mordwand death wall as it is similar to Nordwand north face and tragedies happened therebeginning with Max Sedlmeyer ‘s and Karl Mehringer ‘s disastrous try in and continuing to the successful ascent by Kurt Diemberger and Wolfgang Stefan in July In at a time when nobody was thinking of reconciliation, when the world was still quivering with hate and bitterness against the war and those who were responsible for its origin, he[Guido Tonella] uttered the following message, loud and clear: The top man, Rainer, was asphyxiated by the pressure of the rope against his chest.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The descriptions of the climbs and rescues were compelling, though things got a bit “listy” when the author was describing some of the later climbs. The Germans’ loan of their equipment to Corti probably sealed their doom.

It was a steep and slippery spot with few and precarious holds. You also get introduced to the great climbers of our times, which then become your future wish list of books to read. Is not the irrationality of its very lack of purpose the deepest argument for climbing? The German climbers Karl Mehringer and Max Sedlmayer died from exposure after spending four nights in their bivouac on the mountain, trapped in a storm.

He excused Brian Nally’s confusion and contradictory statements after the tragic death of Brewster on exertion and shock; no such leniency on Corti, who he implied was simply lying.

The White Spider

These two contradictions were glaring; there were many more passages where ill prepared Germanic climbers were praised for being poor but tough, and willing to have a go. In the meantime, his cries for help were heard from below by a tunnel guard from the opening connecting to the underground railway station.

If you are into even simple trekking or camping, you should give this book a try. Mankind has developed an ugly habit of only allowing true courage to the killers. Perhaps he felt like his contribution was not that significant? He used no belays at all! It is after all one of the classics of mountaineering literature in terms of achievements. They were found to have Corti’s equipment on them, which further exonerated Corti. The idea of people peering through telescopes to watch these guys push through blood-ch The bedrock of mountaineering lit, a Shelob for adventurers.


Both Harrer and Heckmair reached an advanced age. As Harrer describes, and the climbers discovered, the White Spider is the key to a successful ascent of the Nordwand. Die Weisse Spinne is a book written by Heinrich Harrer that describes the first successful ascent of the Eiger Nordwand Eiger north facea mountain in the Berner Oberland of the Swiss Alps with sections devoted to the history of mountaineering in the area.

This is all despite the fact that evidence to corroborate Corti’s account was uncovered, namely the bodies of Nothdurft and Meyer, and the general climbing fraternity had come to believe his account. The routes on the north wall are exposed to rock and ice falls.

Is the man who, at moments when his own life is in the balance, heinricy not only to safeguard it but, at the same time, his friend’s- even to the extent of mutual self-sacrifice- to receive less recognition than a boxer n the ring, simply because the nature of what he is doing is not properly understood?

The mountaineering parts are suspenseful, dark, chilling, profound, mysterious and awe-inspiring.

Apr 12, Jim Ewing rated it it was amazing. Recent research on the climb, photos. Last edited or checked June 6,