Yamaha GPR Service Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Yamaha Waverunner GP R . yamaha gpr waverunner owners operators manual online gpr waverunner boat pdf manual download downloadable yamaha waverunner . waverunner gpr owner?soperator?s manual lit usa edition read this manual carefully before operation printed in usa dec ?10?.

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Check that the battery is charged and that its specified gravity manuaal within specification. Paddle wheel set Not reusable Speed sensor Reverse the disassembly steps for assembly.

Hello handyandy28, there is a link to get the year you want on line. Black 2 Speed sensor: Set the screw clamps in the direction shown.

Reverse the removal steps for installation. Red 4 Lighting coil Stepping motor stuck closed Stepping motor stuck open If the Yamaha Manua System is not used to check the symptoms listed in the table, the error codes can be checked easily with the self-diagnosis in the multifunction meter.

Upgrade your GP with the new Using another oil can seriously damage the catalytic converter Test harness 6 pins: Works sponsons all the way up! Spring ring Install the spring ring after installing the weights, plate, and circlip. Do not disassemble the YPVS servomotor unit. Symbols F to H in an exploded diagram indi- cate the grade of lubricant and the lubrication point.


yamaha gpr manual

Protect your hands and feet by wearing protec- tive gloves or safety shoes when necessary. Grommet To ease installation, manuap soapy water to the grommet. Page of Go. Black 2 Fuse 20 A: Insufficient compression pressure will result in a loss of performance.

Yamaha WaveRunner GP1300R Service Manual

To ease reassembly and coupling alignment, remove the shims and organize them in their respective groups e. Hose clamp installation 1. Adjust the maintenance intervals according to the operating conditions of the watercraft.

Fit the seal into the groove in the bracket. Safety While Working Protect your hands and feet by wearing protec- tive gloves or safety shoes when necessary. Tighten the bolts in ownera crisscross pattern and in two stages. If anyone has manial link or pdf I would really appreciate it! Fuel level meter display and fuel warning indicator 1. Muffler assembly Remove the cylinder head if it is difficult to remove the muffler assembly.

Always hold the cables by the bracket or outer cover below the crimp. Do not align the open end of the clip with the piston pin slot a.


Last Post By Danetwork 71 replies Today, Peak volt meter adapter: Do not use a sharp instrument to avoid damaging or scratching the cylinder head or spark plug bore threads. The informa- tion has been compiled to provide the mechanic with an easy to read, handy reference that contains comprehensive explanations of all disassembly, repair, assembly, and inspection operations. YB Needle bearing attachment: Impeller housing 2 Dowel pin Reverse the removal steps for installation.

If you don’t find it by then PM me on here and I think I will be able to help ya.

Engine temperature sensor resistance: Elec- trolyte contains sulfuric acid. Gray 6 Fuse 20 A: Start the engine and warm it up for several minutes. Before removing or installing the piston pin clip, cover the crankcase opening with a clean rag to prevent the piston pin clip from falling into the crankcase.

Pink 9 Starter relay Black 2 Main and fuel pump relay: Results 1 to 7 of 7. To print the manual completely, please, download it.