Full text of “FBI MIOG Sec Informants”. See other formats. Sensitive Manual of Investigative Operation! and Guidelines Part I PAGE ” 1 SECTION FBI Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (Section on Informants) = 74 pages. This article will focus on how to research FBI policies and procedures for the operation of informants.

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Uol number that the FDs are being sent.

FBI MIOG Sec 137–Informants

Rule, of Criminal Procedure. The nature of the notification or request that was made to state or local law enforcement or prosecutive authorities, and the justification for the notification; 3. Vogel View Profile on Experts. Consideration of alternatives to source’s use and mikg of why they will not work. Agent, are prohibited fro- engaging in business or upon the FBI.

These transactions aust adhere to all informant payment requirements.! In situations where notification to state or local authorities is determined to be inadvisable, or where any request or recommendation is made to state or local authorities to delay or forego enforcement action, the field office must advise FBIHQ of: The request in this instance must include all information outlined above in l ll a – e.

POOR Informants in this category have furnished no information of value and consideration should be given to closing them. The fact that such a review was conducted must be documented in the informant’s file on an FD and indexed on the FD Does not claim as income money he receives for information.

All instances of such dissemination will be reviewed by the Director or Director’s designee annually. An investigation of possible criminal conduct by any foreign official or government, religious organization, political organization, or the news media.

Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (MIOG)

See 1 above t. This document contains the history of the FBI’s use of informants. Any payments by other law enforcement agencies are to be fully addressed. Engages in acts of violence without telling his FBI contact.

The original of the FD must reveal the identity fbii the informant, but the identity must be concealed on all copies. Hence, whenever a Special Agent learm mog an informant or confidential source has participated in a criminal activity in connection with an FBI assignment which wa, not authorized pursuant to the procedures of Paragraph F of these guideline, the Special Agent.


The supervisor shall make a determination whether to notify appropriate state or local law enforcement or prosecutive authorities milg any violation of law and shall make a determination whether continued use of the informant or confidential source is justified.

These changes would include appointment or election to public office.

FBI Manual of Investigative Operations & Guidelines [MIOG]

When the informant n closed. He has 27 years of Federal law enforcement experience and has testified as an expert in Federal and state court. Notification of an informant reference mjog be coordinated with the appropriate supervisor having responsibility for the mail being searched.

The SAC of each field office has the prerogative to task Agents not working criminal matters at least 50 percent of their time with the development and operation of their productive informants or liaison contacts. Advise specifically whether the a. Additionally, the participation of an informant in any of these activities may constitute a sensitive circumstance, and fbk will require prior approval of the appropriate Section Chief.

They are not intended to, do not. Policies and procedures for the operation of informants by the FBI are available through the FOIPA and may be accessed through the internet at various sites. Such individuals should bt fu: The operation of informants by all law enforcement organizations is a risky and potentially dangerous situation which requires strict adherence to policies and procedures. Activity that is proscribed by Federal. First date of contact by your office. This document contains no redactions.

Definition of Confidential Source, Informant, fbl Continuing Basis 6 ” 1 A confidential source, under these guidelines, is any person or entity furnishing information to the FBI on a confidential basis, where such information has been obtained as a result milg legitimate employment or access to records and kiog provided consistent with applicable law.

All approvals must be recorded in writing. In emergency situations, the documentation kiog be done as soon as possible following the activity.


FBIHQ should be advised of the details of all such transactions. A Immediately upon the opening of an informant, or upon the conversion of a cooperative witness miig an informantenter all information from the opening memorandum mlog the C1MS da t abasewi th the exception of those individuals identified in which may require FB1HQ approval.

An FD must also be prepared in triplicate for each FD Engage in violations of Federal and state laws while providing information to the FBI.

The fact that a Confidential Source has been so advised must be documented in the main file and indexed on the FD Use the FBI as a fbl of information so that he can further his criminal operations and eliminate competition.

Burglarizes the office of an attorney who is representing a defendant under FBI investigation to determine defense strategy. Due to heavy redactions, this document is virtually useless for research.

The following factors should be addressed: These indices should be maintained as above in a separate and secure manner under the authority of the SAC or person designated by that official.

This advice ihall be provided before accepting information on a continuing basis. The field office must use the same symbol number that was assigned in the previous SI when reopening an individual.

FBI MIOG Sec Informants : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The code name ii to be utilized in place of the informant’s true name in the field office payment records. The utilization of the suffix in the reporting of information derived from the source is unnecessary although suffix utilization should be continued for administrative purposes or other need exists. Agents are not to accept gifts from informants. All other administrative information pertaining to the informant should be entered into CIMS as soon as it becomes fbu.

The code name or pseudonym is assigned to the informant as a meaiure of additional security and mutt be utilized in signing payment receipts.