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However, this may be my own fault for not reading more about this book before purchasing, however the annoyingly complicated way it’s written is not the most grating part. While at McGill he giochlamo for several student newspapers using pseudonyms.

A che gioco giochiamo?

Apparently gicohiamo husband is doing his wife a favour by controlling her as he prevents her from facing her fears. Too pretentious while saying very little. Books by Eric Berne. While at McGill he wrote for several student newspapers using pseudonyms.

According to Berne this is better than the wife getting therapy for her numerous fears. The second half of the book catalogues a series of “mind games” in which people interact through a patterned and predictable series of “transactions” which are superficially plausible that is, they may appear normal to giochiamk or even to the people involvedbut which actually conceal motivations, include private significance to the parties involved, and lead to a well-defined predictable outcome, usually counterproductive.

I think most of the people will easily relate to what this book has to say.

It’s also easier to get caught in a pattern of deceiving yourself, and in a way believing you are what role you play. Great perspective and explanations chd human interactions. To ask other readers questions about A che gioco giochiamoplease sign up. Trivia About Games People Play. It then goes through a very detailed set of games or transactions between groups of people, where a certain mixture of ego states perpetuate destructive or constructive behaviours. In the following section almost every “game” played consists of a woman doing some “foolish”, something most people do, that riles the “darling, hard working husband” and he reacts in an over dramatic, vhe “totally justified” way, once again playing the woman as foolish and childish.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I had to read this after seeing the recent hype about the book but I am so glad it was never once required reading in my studies! View all 14 comments. So really this book offered nothing new. Then she gets openly indignant. Dire gioco significa dire in un altro modo, semplice ed esemplare, in che posizione e in che ruolo una persona intende mettersi rispetto a un ambiente o a un’altra persona.

What’s there is a raft of unsubstantiated assertions that are dressed up in complex and dry terminology, which begs the question, is the language use all smoke and mirrors. His use of Freudian psychosexual terminology was also disheartening. Books by Eric Berne. Il marito che tormenta la moglie, l’amico che perseguita l’amico, il superiore che si rivale sul dipendente, con lo stesso motivo o pretesto, tendono a ricreare circostanze sempre uguali.

What’s there is a raft of unsubstantiated assertions that are dressed up in complex and dry terminology, which begs the questio If I’d known that this was a book on transactional analysis I would not have picked it up, my mum thinks it’s the bees knees, but I’ve always thought it sounded too neat and regular. Out of sheer curiosity I started reading this book, looking at the reviews of it as a best seller. The first person, most often a woman, flirts with the second person, most often a man, until he expresses some concrete sexual interest.

Refresh and try again. In he changed his legal name to Eric Berne. I gave up on this one. One has to be a ‘student’ of transactional psychology and well learned in the field of Psychology. Unfortunately, it was not interesting it isn’t a novel and had too much clinical “proper” speech to make it a digestible read for the everyman. I don’t know if this is a reliable textbook for day to day human interaction.

A che gioco giochiamo by Eric Berne (1 star ratings)

Besides the unfamiliar description I just gave, Eric Berne, founder of the TA current, does a much better job describing these games, most of them pathologic and some of them constructive. Games People Play has a good chapter about dealing with alcoholics, but Berne’s ideas and I do mean ideas about women and homosexuals are disgusting and sexist.

See, honestly, this book is not for everyone, especially if one does not have a Psychology background. It does little to truly emphasize the marriage of sociology and psychology that is essential to successful counseling. It is an old book already written inso you will find some funny anachronisms from that time, but the concept is as fresh when first published.

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A che gioco giochiamo

This book would probably be a great springboard for a professional, but for casual readers, the very specific explanations were a little too much. I know it’s supposedly a classic. Maybe she tells him loudly to keep his hands off her, or she phones her friends and says that he’s such a lecherous creep. Can you solve the riddle of “The Frigid Woman”? The basic premise is that the way we engage in our interpersonal relationships marriage, sex, work, addictions are games we inherit from our parents and play to consume idle time and stroke our egos or need for social attention.

This book could do with updating for the 21st Century – unfortunately the style herne writing and examples cited were off putting and made for hard reading. Or perhaps this book mak I had to read this after seeing the recent hype about the book but I am so glad it was never once required giochiwmo in my studies! You don’t think you spend most of your time at work, at home, or at the grocery store playing psychological games with other people?

Bernstein Eric Berne was a Canadian-born psychiatrist best known as the creator of transactional analysis. I attempted this book during an “at sea day” while on a Caribbean cruise with fellow paperbackswap. First Degree is just playing for fun.

In the end, trying to read this book made me Berne assigns names meant to indicate their roles to the different players but those names didn’t resonate with me, so it was hard to understand their roles during the games. He describes three roles or ego states, known as the Parent, the Adult, and the Child, and postulates that many negative behaviors can be traced to switching or confusio Games People play: Lists with This Book.