Empoasca fabae: Pygofer, lateral view. (From Young, b). Empoasca fabae: Subgenital plate. (From Dworakowska, c). Empoasca fabae: Style. Order Homoptera: Family Cicadellidae. Description. Leafhoppers are a group of small insects with piercing-sucking mouthparts. Authors: Buyung Hadi, Jan Knodel and Ken Ostlie. Potato leafhopper, Empoasca fabae, is a native species to Northern America.

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Cicadellidae Emposca and Severity of Impact. Notes on Porto Rican Homoptera. Research is indicating the possibility of being able to control populations by increasing E.

Aedeagus shaft shape in lateral view tapering distally – dorsal and ventral margins distinctly convergent through most of length. Empoasca malis DeLong, a: Front femur row AV with 1 basal seta distinctly enlarged. Subgenital plate group D empoasfa, fine setae with numerous long, fine setae scattered throughout length of plate.

Their emopasca range extends across the Midwest and eastern parts of Canada and the United States. Subgenital plate basolateral angle weakly developed or well developed, lamelliform.

Empoasca fabae (soybean) – Bugwoodwiki

Treatment for leafhoppers should be initiated when injury symptoms are numerous and leafhoppers are present in the field. Aedeagus dorsal teeth absent. Annals of the Entomological Society of America. Subgenital plate in lateral view distinctly expanded preapically. Review of Chinese Empoasca Walsh Hemiptera: Journal of Animal Ecology 55 3: Face with maximum length Patterns in Maryland and Implications for Management.


Hind wing base of first apical cell considerably distad of apex of CuP.

Empoasca viridescens Walsh, a: Pygofer basolateral setal group absent or present, setae fine. A generic classification and check list. Contributors own the copyright to and are solely responsible for contributed content. Homoptera of Wisconsin, empoaaca description of new species. Pygofer mesal sensilla field well developed, conspicuous.

Empoasca (Empoasca) fabae (Harris, 1841)

Contributed by tom murray on 20 June, – 8: Pygofer small rigid distal setae scattered over distal portion of lobe. Giffard in andchiefly in California. Hind rabae CuA completely confluent with MP only one apical cell present.

Hind wing first apical cell more than 2X longer than wide. Punctations along veins absent or indistinct. Cicadellidaein wine grapes.

Journal of Insect Physiology 58 Aedeagus atrium in caudoventral view not greatly expanded laterally, less than 2x average width of preatrium or shaft.

Serie des Sciences Biologiques. Subgenital plate group C macrochaetae with numerous macrochaetae, emoasca apex of plate. A survey of the Empoasca fabae complex Hemiptera, Cicadellidae.


Empoasca nabae de Seabra, a: Agricultural insect pests of temperate regions and their control Hill D.

Empoasca fabae

Subgenital plate setal group A near base of plate fabaae encompassing midlength of plate. Subgenital plate group B apical setae no longer than more basal setae of group. Nephotettix cincticeps Uhler, Eggs hatch in days, and immatures develop to adults in days. Research has shown that water stressed plants increase nymph’s development time.

Forewing costal vein concolorous with rest of wing. Pronotum midline concolorous with rest of sclerite. American leaf-hoppers of the subfamily Typhlocybinae.

Style apex in ventral view curved laterad. Cicadellidaewith the description of two new species.

Annual Review of Entomology. Base of pygofer with hingelike protuberance on anterolateral margin.