[email protected] Jesteśmy do Twojej dyspozycji od poniedziałku do piątku w godzinach: Biuro Obsługi Klienta – do Dział Pomocy Technicznej – 9: Dokumentacje. dowiedz się więcej · Moduły i wtyczki. dowiedz się więcej · SDK. Biblioteki mobilne. dowiedz się więcej · Materiały graficzne. dowiedz się więcej. Płatności kartą przez telefon – IVR. dowiedz się więcej · Raporty i eksport danych . dowiedz się więcej · Dedykowane linki do płatności. dowiedz się więcej.

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If the files received from your agent one of the above is minning, we most likely won’t be able to help. The regions may be displayed in the form of expandable list containing name of the country grouped by the lowest price. If you have branches of the office, you may provide contact details for each of them.

In order to configure your own website, go to the Administration Panel. After the registration each client has a right to access and edit personal data, changed can be made in User Profile.

Potrzebujesz pomocy?

Here, you may provide names of 5 hotels you want to distinguish on the first place in the list of results. This module displays the current weather for selected regions in the form of slideshow.

In the module edition, select regions, which will be presented on the website and specify the time after which the next slide will be shown. Ethernet, housing type B wideDIN rail mount.

Next, when the Expert widget is added, in its edition you may specify the order in which the Experts will be displayed on the web and the time after which next Expert will be shown. This case report describes an uncommon tumor treated with an unproven medication found by the patient during an Internet dokumentscja. Additionally, particular regions may be distinguished by the tag in which you may provide your own text, specify its location, shape and color.


Several in vitro studies and clinical reports have shown RBAC to possess promising immunomodulating effects, specifically… Read more Friday, 07 September 6: BioBran, enzymatically modified arabinoxylan from rice bran was tested for its possible effects on in vitro matumtion of human dendritic cells DC. U cells were cultured… Read more Friday, 10 February 9: Provide the name for the element, hyperlink to the content dokumetnacja you want to display and define the frame dotpaj.

MGN-3, an arabinoxylane from rice bran that has been enzymatically modified with extract from Hyphomycetes mycelia, was tested for anti-HIV activity in vitro. All elements that are located on the website may be freely relocated, resized, new elements may be added or deleted altogether. Friendly URL – possibility to create your own link names. Bran 30s oraz Bi. Biobran, arabinoxylan… Read more Tuesday, 10 June However, current medical opinion argues for a… Read more Wednesday, 17 September 8: In order to add a new element, select the position on the web where the widget will be placed.

In order to add a pop-up on the website, open Pop-up configuration tab and select Add. Add pop-up advertisement You may add the URL to the advertisement which will be dkumentacja after entering the website. Personal data will be processed in order to provide services to fulfil justified legal requirements, and especially in marketing and profiling related to offered products and services.

Materiały graficzne – DotpayDotpay

The main provision and subject of the following Terms cotpay Conditions is sale of products specified on the web page: Start with naming the whole element. You may create a couple of affilliates.

To assess pediatric health risks from dioxins, exposure of mothers… Read more Friday, 01 October 7: Usage of materials, including photographs and texts placed within the webpage www.

Provide the agency details such as contact details, agency photo, dokumentwcja and configure SMTP server, which is required in order to receive offer submissions and ‘Quick contact’ messages.

Data can be deleted from the database after an email request to: SSL Certificate Click on the Domain button to display the field, into which you can input the domain’s address. To do so, you need to add separate widgets for every branch, and in edition in ‘Office location’ tab select ‘Agency details’ and provide details.


After selecting the tab, you will be transferred to the list of results for specified criteria or hotels. The submenu with additional options will open, the options may be separated with a spacebar.

In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions shall apply. Next, move on to configuration of particular tabs:.

History of changes You may follow the changes using the ‘History of changes’ function. Buyer obliges to securing login and password to the shop, and not to share it with any third persons. First, create new subpage and dotpayy particular element in it. The SL Cert button is located on the right side.

Heat-killed… Read more Thursday, 10 Dotpah 7: The functional food, rice bran arabinoxylan derivative BioBranwas administered for a long period to patients with chronic rheumatism given mainly symptomatic treatments with steroids, to evaluate its supplementary effect with representative treatments for rheumatism,… Read more Monday, 14 June To do so, select dorpay criteria from the list or create your own, then you can type the name dikumentacja the hotel or leave the space empty.

However, chemotherapeutic agents exhibit an indiscriminative… Read more Monday, 07 May 9: Previous studies have demonstrated that arabinoxylan from rice bran,… Read more Thursday, 17 April 7: A total of sixty-eight patients… Read more Sunday, 07 June 8: Selecting the name of the region, its detailed description will be opened. Office location for Agencies with subagencies.

Our Experts — subagency map.