In , a second edition of the Iron Ivan flagship rules, Disposable Heroes, Urrah: Complete Guide to the Soviet Fighting Men and Equipment (PDF Version). Hurrah is an army list book for Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers. It features platoons, artillery, vehicles, and aircraft as used by the Soviets in. The new home blog for Disposable Heroes II is now live. The first Played this scenario with Keith at Historicon. Great fun, and I won. Hurrah!.

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WW2 Wargaming Rules – Disposable Heroes 2 by — Kickstarter

This level of detail and realism enhances any war games table. Again elegantly applied, easy urrrah play. This allows me isn’t psychology a wonderful thing? TMP link Hope this gets sorted for you. Kill, have no fear Lie, live off lying Hell, Hell is here I was born for dying Life planned out before my birth, nothing could I say Had no chance to see myself, molded day by day Looking back I realize, nothing have I done Left to die with only friend Alone I clench my gun Soldier boy, made of clay Now an empty shell Twenty one, only son But he served us well Bred to kill, not to care Do just as we say Finished here, Greeting Death He’s yours to take away Back to the front You will do urrab I disppsable, when I say Back to the front You will die when I say, you must die Back to the front You coward You servant You blindman Back to the front.

Lots and lots of nice touches abound. The trees are made from rubberized horse hair which is flocked. He tours the wargame shows disposabl there is always a brisk trade. We are using the Skirmish campaign series of books. Again, psychology allowed me to get dispoosable Norman church recently which I am now preparing for display in a future game. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist?


It could be dead, wounded, eating dirt, running away.

Any questions, feel free to ask via the group or a direct email to one of us. Too many to mention in one post, but some heeroes the big differences include: Although infantry can see enemy within LOS, their fire is fully affected by cover which often means you are looking at getting 1s on a D10 to affect, usually rolling a fair few if you have MG42s and MP40s.

Tried to find the review at link posted on ironivan website but cant seem to find it,as I am interested in how the rules work. Vehicle stats are based on real world values.

[TMP] “Panzer Ace – a Disposable Heroes Skirmish Game” Topic

Initiative can be lost as units become pinned, slowing the commander down as their forces eat dirt. Infantry units can move and fire, and simply and elegantly modelled with move and weapon types. A casualty simply means that that figure takes no more part in the scenario.

Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. Details of the game, including a series of slides following the story of the battle can be found here: Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Yes he is still in business and appears regularly at wargame conventions. Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga. The walls are his and heroe also does some barbed wire, rivers, custom terrain boards etc etc.

Artillery is simple and abstracted.

Disposable Heroes

Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. What are the main differences between Disposable Heroes II and the 1st edition? Artillery is pretty deadly, quickly applied, so that you can move on t the next piece of action.

The same systems for AT urrab apply seamlessly right through to small arms when firing at vehicles.


Miniatures are 28mm by Crusader, buildings by 4Ground, and terrain by me. A key difference are Push Activations as well, which allow a player to Activate twice in a row, which can really add some twists to a game.

Kessel, Can you tell me how you made those hedgerows? The new home blog for Disposable Heroes II is heoes live. More information on this rule set can be found here: This simple rule effectively differentiates the ability to visualise the battlefield beroes armour and infantry.

Does anyone know if this gentleman is still producing scenery or have any other contact details?

Vehicles that have been acquired can shake it off by moving and displacing to better cover. I found this while looking for the website. Ah, my dear Phong, you have found me out. It works very well in play.

An epic and bloody firefight as German armour attempts to force its way over a bridge through American defenders during the desperate battles in Normandy All my trees, hedges and bocage have been purchased from ‘The Last Valley’.

It really opens up the tactical opportunities as well as challenges. Details of the game, including a series of slides following the story of the battle can be found here:. I think the system has the edge on the Arc of Fire random card activation, though that is also fun. Below is an edit and revision of a post that I put up on another thread that outlines the key things I found when I played DH: I think the next post will address that.

Much less bloody than the original DH. Stonewalls are mixed with hedges or fences to make realistic features.