DIgSILENT PowerFactory Application Guide Dynamic Modelling Tutorial DIgSILENT Technical Documentation DIgSILENT GmbH Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 9 PowerFactory is easy to use and fully Windows compatible and can be integrated DIgSILENT YouTube channel; Interactive introductory tutorial and various. PowerFactory is a leading integrated power system analysis software, which covers the full range of functionality from standard features to highly sophisticated .

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Models that contain highly sensitive data e. Multiple transformer elements can use the same type, and changing the type parameters will affect all of the transformers that inherit or reference this type.

The delay time is 0. Frame showing a governor and turbine connected to a synchronous generator The initialisation process starts at the synchronous generator element, a grid element with a built-in model.

These grid elements inherit the properties of the type objects e. Actual numerical checks are not performed i.


This is because the outputs of the model are usually known e. Some dummy initialisation values i. In the context of automatic initialisation, the inc statement simply initialises the variable with an estimated starting value which may or may not be right.


The following subsections describe the three ways to see model signals and variables that are available in PowerFactory. Please con- sider that the array has to be sorted in ascending order.

We also look inside the block definition and identify all the state variables which all require manual initialisation.

It is implemented in DSL using a state variable x as follows: We still have to define the individual dynamic models for the governor, turbine and voltage controller. Remember me on this computer. This can be a difficult bug to find, so take care of digwilent naming in model definitions and frames.

PowerFactory – DIgSILENT

Like the integrator block, the state variable x should be initialised to the steady state output yo,ss. This can be summarised by a block diagram as shown Figure 2. Brackets [ and ] are used to indicate the inclusion of the end points in the range, and are used to indicate the exclusion of the end points from the range. It can be used for model parameters as well as internal signals. DIgSILENT is staffed with experts of various disciplines relevant for performing consulting services, digsilemt activities, and user training.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Refer to Chapters As a result powerfactpry this function, all graphical representations of the block definition are deleted. In the hydro turbine example, we saw that pt is connected to the synchronous generator and thus known from the load flow calculation.


Stores the value powerfsctory Tnow and returns the value x Tnow-Tdelay. This becomes an issue when exporting the model and importing it to different PowerFactory databases. Prentice Hall, fifth edition, Both primitive and composite block definitions can be reused inside other digsielnt model definitions PowerFactory supports an arbitrary number of layers.

Consider the structure of the system to be modelled and how it can be broken down into discrete blocks that can be modelled separately 2. Hydro Turbine Block Initialisation. Block definition packing and encryption functions 6. The equations for the wind turbine model are as follows: Our Power System Monitoring PFM product line features grid and plant supervision, fault recording, power quality and grid characteristics analysis.

General Software Information

For the generator slot, we can select the relevant generator element in the grid. The variables to be initialised should be configured with either fixed tutprial initial conditions or estimates. Log In Sign Up.