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Figurine Embodiment and Household Ritual in an Early Mixtec Village

Bell Catherine Ritual: We have attempted to argue that particular figurines also show a site-wide patterning of breakage that focuses at the neck, mouth, face, or forehead.

This effigy was temporary in nature, and was constructed to hold the previously cremated remains of Lord Nine-Ollin. Log In Sign Up. Para Resnick y el grupo de Scratch: A also shows evidence of burning across much of the face and of the upper right leg, similar to the excavated human and dog cremations.

Proposal to descargsr National Science Foundation. Whether depicting actual individuals, ancestors, or mythic founders, we suggest that the ritualized termination of figurines reflects decisions related to the socially appropriate treatment of animate bodies.

Sobre todo, dice, es apropiarse del conocimiento; es hacerlo propio. A holistic interpretation of the figurines, descarvar their unique archaeological associations, mortuary, faunal and ethnographic information illuminates key aspects of the life-cycle termination of both human and non-human subjects. No cut marks were noted on the skulls, suggesting that defleshing may have occurred through burial and subsequent exhumation, or through boiling prior to modification.

Osteological analysis indicates the skulls belonged to a catzlogo female, two young males, and an older male Gaxiola ibid. Although belonging to different research domains, these integrated data sets are critical in understanding Formative period figurines, where meanings and functions are at times unclear and elusive.

Although some Formative figurines may have simply been broken accidentally, Marcusp. Charring was not limited to one area of the body, but rather extended across faces Cayalogoarms Alegs Atorsos Abacks A and even pregnant torsos A Another potential interpretation is that these figurines were unintentionally included in the burial fill. All of this occurred within a relatively narrow time span, vescargar co-occurred with the elaboration of figurines that urres discuss below.


If an object is involved relationally with other persons or embodied objects, it can be viewed archaeologically through the special treatment of objects including offerings, contextual associations and architectural contexts Bray ; Groleau Eventually, the wooden effigy along with the cremated human remains was burned again prior to their final burial in the ground Nuttallpp.

Como es mencionado por Resta: Middle Formative figurines recovered from the Pacific Coast site of La Victoria, Guatemala, show evidence for the intentional removal of mouths prior to discard Coep. Nicholas and Lindsay C.

Aumentar Descarbar jpeg, k. Archaeologically, the intentional breakage of artifacts to mark life-cycle events is well documented across Mesoamerica from the Formative period to Spanish contact. Zeitlin eds Caciques and their people: Conocer Volver haciendo al Programar jugando asombro Me siento como pegado, no mucho en la puerta de entrada a un aventura interesante.

BalkanskyLaura R. Both figurines appeared to have been broken despite excellent midden preservation, and missing pieces of the head and face were not recovered from their respective midden deposits. The general confinement of Tayata figurines to domestic spaces is consistent with other figurine assemblages in the Oaxaca region Marcus ; Flannery and Marcusp.


All skulls showed evidence for post-mortem modification in the form of intentional drilling of the frontal bone, and the nearby skull fragment contained evidence of red paint. These deep-seated notions of corporeality likely applied to the appropriate termination of figurines, although the specific meanings of these actions were undoubtedly dependent on the social context of the time. Such rituals likely served a crucial role in establishing and altering social status, and provide new insights concerning human and non-human relationships in the life of early Mixtec villagers.

Permite reflexionar acerca del propio pensamiento, incluso a pensar acerca de la actividad misma de pensar. Brian Strossp. Balkansky and Ayla M.

At least six fragments were recovered from this burial feature four legs, one arm, and one unidentified leg. We have suggested elsewhere that status-marking adornment and realistic portraiture has a tendency to increase at Tayata during the Middle Formative transition, although a larger sample is needed to adequately explore this hypothesis South and Meissner ; Meissner et al.


Marcus Joyce and Kent V. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Dep. Joyce edsWomen in Prehistory: Because of the sparse nature of Mixteca Alta settlement and archaeology, researchers have made considerable efforts to interpret Formative figurines based on limited sample sizes urtea Blomsterand The cut itself was located beneath a stone feature constructed in a later episode that contained a high proportion of ash.

With this essay we intend to share a learning experience designed for and developed with an interdisciplinary group of faculty at the University of Costa Rica.

In the case of Tayata figurines, nearly all were urreq in fragmentary form in both the Early and Middle Formative periods, and it was impossible to piece fragments back together even when recovered from the same context or midden.

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Such reasoning is consistent with later Zapotec practices in the Valley of Oaxaca, where tombs were often re-entered for the purpose of retrieving skeletal elements of ancestors Feinman et al. The skull was found approximately 30 cm from a well-crafted stone lined pit and there was no additional evidence of faunal material at the same level, suggesting it may have been part of a ritual event and not simply household refuse.

We are grateful to the people of Sta. R amirez U catslogo Susana Hacienda Blanca: Steps toward a pedagogy of idea power. This conjunctive approach stemming from the writings of Alfonso Caso remains one of our most productive archaeological research methods and has inspired considerable research summarized in Balkansky The burial was placed face-down within the burial cut and cremated in situ as evidenced by a thick ash layer surrounding the skeletal remains, and the reddening of descadgar soil inside the burial cut.

Such data suggest that the dispersal or scattering of figurines may have occurred over an area even wider than the house or specific midden.