Citarum River, Indonesia The Citarum has been called the world’s most polluted river. Around 5 million people live in the river’s basin, and most of them rely on. Heavy equipments are used to clean up the river, but new trash comes in every time. Widodo wants the Citarum river to be clean and drinkable. Citarum River used to be a vital part of an ancient kingdom in Indonesia. In modern times, the river plays a role for water power generation.

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Now the fish swim in the river again. Citarum, the most polluted river in the world? One kilogram of plastic generate nearly 10 euro cent.

The Most Polluted River in the World, Citarum River, Indonesia | Austro indonesian Arts Program

There was a sign which had been put up by Greenpeace, warning members of the public to beware of a toxic waste dumping hole. The river makes up around 80 percent of the surface water available to the people who use it. Skip to content Search for: The Citarum River cittarum from two words, namely Ci and Tarum. Every day people dispose of tonnes of waste of livestock into the River. Yudi Zanibar is the military commander of sector IV and he is in charge of cleaning 14km stretch of the river.

And where do they dump their toxic chemical waste? No easy access to the public on the monitoring of discharge. So, when the toxic and chemical wastes are heavy, water in the rice paddies turns rlver horrid color. Russian-Saudi relations could be very different today, if Stalin hadn’t killed the Soviet ambassador to Saudi Arabia.


Limited regulation of discharges: Despite these efforts, activists remain sceptical that the clean-up goal will be achieved. Mounds of trash are interspersed with twigs and shrubbery.

The Citarum has been called the world’s most polluted river. Possibly the world’s most polluted river”. He also said he hoped that the provincial and central governments would follow suit, as even with evidence, enforcing the law on environmental offenders was a long rivfr expensive process.

The gargantuan task of cleaning Indonesia’s Citarum river | Indonesia | Al Jazeera

Over textile factories line the river riiver. Before, Citarum has many fish species such as walking catfish, suckermouth catfish, common carp, minnows, and many more. Members of the community use water from the river for their daily activities.

The huge potency of it is due to the vast watershed that reaches 6.

Thu Mar 22 After heavy rains, once the river subsides, it leaves huge piles of trash on the river banks. People generally pile up the trash and burn them rkver the river side further polluting it. Citarum in by Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures Wikimedia Since a long time ago, people have been dependent of this river.

Damaged forest at the upstream area will be replanted with trees as green belts. Notable Rivers in Indonesia.

Citarum, the most polluted river in the world?

This is not the first time the government has come up with clean-up programme. But for citraum people who live along the polluted river, it is not just the environmental impact that worries them, health problems have affected children and families. The earlier 4th-century BCE prehistoric Buni clay pottery-making culture flourished pollugion the river’s mouth.

Rainfall 1 month – TRMM “. China detains seven over river pollution scandal. Fortunately, there are efforts to save the river. Besides having to contend with the terrible smell which emanates from the site, the toxic water has also caused his daughters to develop skin ailments such as rashes, hair fall, and scabies. Seven thousand military personnel have been deployed pollutoon clean up the river.


This is the reason why the citarim changed color around the industries. Heavy equipments are used to clean up the river, but new trash comes in every time. It is listed as one of the most polluted rivers in the world. Citarum suffers from heavy sedimentation in several areas, which causes the river to overflow during the rainy season.

The effect on the local ecosystem has been devastating. Millions of dollars have been poured into the project before, but with the lack of coordination, maintenance and enforcement, the problem has persisted. Walungan Rlver is the longest and largest river in West JavaIndonesia.

In Indonesian history the Citarum is linked with the 4th-century Tarumanagara kingdom, as the kingdom and the river shared the same etymology, derived from the word “tarum” Citzrum for indigo plant. However, the polluted water caused the growth of wild water plants, mudskipper fish, and plankton.

Whether they like it or not, some have to do their cleaning, washing, and cooking from Citarum.

The water, which has been tested, is proven toxic and it brings health problems. If a wastewater treatment plant needs 10 or 20 industries behind it, we need hundreds of plants.