“VÅTROMSNORMEN SIKRER UTFØRING AV KVALIFISERTE VÅTROMSNORMEN KALLES OGSÅ FOR “BYGGEBRANSJENS. Forskningsrapporter. Sanitær og våtrom · Arkitektur og estetikk · Betong · Boligkjøp og boligpolitikk · Byggeprosess og produktivitet · Byggskader · Bygningsfysikk. Tjenester fra SINTEF Byggforsk. Byggforskserien · Byggebransjens våtromsnorm · Produktdokumentasjon · Kurs · SINTEF Byggforsks hjemmeside.

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Modelling of reinforcement corrosion in concrete – State of the art.

Prescriptive codes declare how a wall is designed and constructed, but do not define the performance in use. Corrosion Inhibitors — State of the art FA 3.

Product documentation requirements SINTEF Certification

Effect of surface treatment on chloride ingress and carbonation in concrete. User evaluations of energy efficient buildings User evaluations of energy efficient buildings The interplay of buildings and users in seven European case studies. A byggebransjes study on using manufactured sand from Jelsa Quarry for the production of plastic concrete mixes FA 2 Competitive constructions SP 2.

Physical properties of Norwegian mineral fillers investigated by different methods FA 2 Competitive constructions SP 2. ZEB pilot Heimdal high school and sports hall. vtromsnoorm

The ECOproduct method The institute was advocating the necessity of first defining the function of different building structures and elements, and then determine the performance requirements in accordance with the functional demands they were to fulfil. Greenhouse gas balances in Zero Emission Buildings — Electricity conversion factors revisited.


The transition has been a gradual process, and the performance-based way of thinking was introduced in Norwegian building regulations as early as Part 2 sensitivity analysis. A Norwegian ZEB-definition embodied emission. Experimental study on flexural ductility in over-reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete beams. Erfaring med bygningsintegrerte solfangere i Norge Erfaring med bygningsintegrerte solfangere i Norge Experiences with solar thermal collectors in Norway.

A zero emission concept analysis of a single family house: The effect of stabilization with either filler or chemical stabilizer on the surface quality of concrete elements FA 2 Competitive constructions SP 2. Mechanical properties and calculation of model parameters. The Visund office building, Haakonsvern, Bergen.

Quality improvers in cement making – Vtromsjorm of the art. Concrete with Aalborg cement ybggebransjens variable fly ash content FA: Steel fibres in load — carrying concrete structures Guideline survey and practical examples. Planning and design of buildings and energy supply systems — experiences from pilot projects in Norway. Environmentally friendly concrete structures SP 1.

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Diffusion tight concrete – Byggebgansjens study. Literature survey on performance testing FA 3. Low porosity through optimized particle packing of concrete matrix Low porosity through optimized particle packing of concrete matrix COIN P1 Advanced cementing materials and admixtures SP 1. Durability of mortar with calcined marl as pozzolan 2 year results FA 1 Environmentally friendly byggebranzjens structures SP 1.


Competitive constructions SP 2. The following design guides are translated into English: Basis for and practical approaches to stress calculations and crack risk estimation in hardening concrete structures — State of the art FA 3 Technical performance SP 3.

Manufactured sand in concrete — effect of particle shape on workability FA 2 Competitive constructions SP 2. ZEB pilot house Larvik.

SINTEF bokhandel

A guide to dayligthting and solar shading systems at high latitude A guide to dayligthting and solar shading systems at high latitude. The transition from a prescriptive to a performance-based code has strengthened the demand for supporting standards and design guidelines. Energioppgradering av norske boliger Evaluering av scenariorapporter og byggebranssjens til virkemidler.

Production of high quality manufactured aggregate for concrete.