Bhugola varnanam by sri vadiraja tirtha maharaja in Sanskrit. found at http://www. To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri. Bhugola Varnanam – An ancient book on Puranic Cosmology

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Bhugola Varnanam

We know that Bharata Varsa is the southernmost division with the bigger Himalaya as its northern boundary and having a width of yojanas 55, miles. Ud do a3 S? Similar are the following lines – “To Him belongs what is In the Heavens and earth And all between them, And all bhuhola the soil.

That means that the order of events, parts and wholes, continue to be and they have their pasts, presents and futures. How did Saint Sri Vadiraja learn such mathematical procedure? Then, is it not right to say that Vedas are authorless? But such conflicts are due to human nature and not due to religious teaching.

The fact to be noted is that the ant does not move backward; but it only falls behind; and this is like going backward with reference to a companion starting at the same point as another, but out-stripping the latter and making that other to fall behind.

The learned say that it is at a height of one lakh yojanas. The way in whick the text is prepared indi- cates that there must have been a good deal of confu- sion in the minds of the learned men of his days. Measuring from the chin upward with fingers held sideways. When we delve into these mysteries and discover their true meaning, we understand how it is that these myths have endured across the bhjgola.

Erich Van Daniken was surprised to find marvellous examples of human genius among the ruins of Maya Civilisation, America for details, one may look into his very interesting book ‘the Chariots of the Gods’. It is for this reason that the earth gets its name ‘Vasundhara’. They began to question everything and, strangely enough, the Christian priests failed to provide satisfactory answers. There is a reason why NONE of your fanciful theories have stuck. Another point to note is this – It is said that the main wheel of the Kala Cakra, upon which the sun’s chariot runs, covers 9 crore 51 lakh yojanas in a day.


Antariksa loka and Svarga loka are one crore yojanas breadthwise. But to make this discovery the original text had to be approached in a different manner than the Sanskritist.

For example, his translation of the Vishnu praises helped to bring about one of the most important breakthroughs contributing to this updating process. His Holiness Sri Vi’swesatxrtha swamlji of Pejawar mutt, who blessed the seminar with his holy presence, supported prof. For the same reason, a man’s cubit measured 24 inches then as against 18 inches now obtaining. That they go down and come up has been stated by Sri Vyasa maharshi, the author of Brahma Sutras.

The mountain resembles the ‘ Unmatta’ flower. Really speaking, this is only to make us to see the difference between Adi Sesa and Maha Visnu In the case of the latter it is no weight at all.

My thanks are also due to my friend and well-wisher, Dr. The material Science which gets lion’s share under Education, has no answer to human vvarnanam, for it does not accept that a man has a soul to save- Added is the bluff that is carried on vehemently that our earth has three motions.

Just as there are star-like divine vehicles below the Pole star, there are also divine vehicles of greater brilliance and velocities at higher altitudes near the upper worlds, moving in different directions. Vedas bear testimony in this respect. The oblations offered to Rahu and Ketu are accepted by divine presences dwelling in those two planets; and the Lord Himself accepts the offerings through those divine presences and blesses the worshippers.

The same concept holds good in the cases of the three northern Vargas also.


Bhugola Varnanam Sanskrit (By Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Maharaja)

It is double the width of the ocean of brackish waters two lakh yojanas. He knows when to send for the living beings to have a tryst with himl In the description of the KSla Cakra given by Saint Sri Vadiraja we see that there are star-like devine vehicles distinct from the 27 star groups and 96 the constellations.

This also suggests that Bharata Khanda is indeed globular in shape.

But he fails to account for the appearance of life to begin with. Lord Sri Hari who came down incarnated as Sri Vyasa Maharsi, has thus shown the mode of distribution in the ratio of 1: Added is the bluff that is carried on vehemently that our earth has three motions The first, it spins on its own axis.

Full text of “Bhugola Varnanam of Sri Vadiraja Tirtha”

But Saint Sri Vadiraja’s inter- pretation leaves no room for such contro- versy. Of the lakh yojanas, 14 go to earth, 28 to 51 the dark region and 56 to Ghanodaka.

It stretches upto the ocean on the east. They are Trsrnga and Makara. There, the Gandharva chiefs, the prominent ones among bnugola Siddhas, varnanxm like Vasista and gods headed by Indra worship Brahma seated on the throne of gems. We should, however, make provision for another round of mountains, not mentioned in this text.

The boundary mountain on the south is Hemakutayojanas wide and 10, yoja- nas high.

Full text of “Bhugola Varnanam”

Bhhgola of time is the same for all, depending upon the ‘Kala Cakra’ Time Wheel ; but its application differs. The ‘Antariksa loka’ begins one lakh yojanas above the earth. There are many Siddhas and rsis here.