Balthazar (Alexandria Quartet) [Lawrence Durrell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The dazzling second volume of The Alexandria. The narrator’s gaze is fixed upon the past once again and so in this novel Durrell sets out to create the story over, divulging new information that. The dazzling second volume of The Alexandria Quartet—an enthralling and deeply disturbing work of gorgeous surfaces and endless deceptions. In.

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Outwardly, he’s pretentious – tossing in some French, Latin, Greek and just expecting you to understand it, making a discreet reference to a classic text or a philosophical blathazar in ways that are beyond mere literary references – dkrrell the fact is, he’s not. The fourth part alone will represent time and be a true sequel. I see that none of us is properly to be judged for what happened in the past. I originally read the second book of the Alexandria Quartet inand stopped without finishing the quartet.

Stay in Touch Sign up. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I actually felt I understood Durrell’s Alexandria better after reading Wilson’s account, particularly on approaches to love and the many definitions of marriage. But, as Durrell asserts, time is relative and there is no going back. Hence, Balthazar’s Great Interlinear and the other metafictional devices.

Jul 12, Pages. Ultimately, he seeks a release, a deliverance from their hold. In some ways, now that I’m accustomed to Durrell’s style, I enjoy it more. This came as a surprise. Durrell said that the second two novels in the quartet weren’t sequels, because that indicates a relationship in time; rather, they are siblings.

They gain value with each successive book. As I started reading, I liked the fantasy of the artist that Durrell put on display. A memory which catches sight of itself in a mirror. Rather it’s a very curious, telling of events that were happening concurrently as Justine only at the time of writing Justine our unnamed narrator who finally gets a name in Balthazar!


May 02, Judy rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Now, in the light of all these new treasures – for truth, though merciless as love, must always be a treasure – what should I do? Refresh and try again.

It was cross-hatched, crabbed, starred with questions and answers in different coloured inks, in typescript. But to all intents and purposes the present set of four volumes may be judged as a completed whole. There once was a man who wrote about the things that other people wrote.

Durrell makes his designs very apparent. The above is a hint as to the beautiful confusion and impending enlightenment that is reading Balthazar. Balthazar alone stands ironically apart, thanks to its mordant lawgence.

So much else to write. However, the events that occur in this volume retroactively shape the narrator’s perception and memories of the past: At least, that drrell apparently the case, because of course Durrell is perfectly aware of the ironies involved and is quite deliberately manipulating them. There is only the continuum.

His non-fiction work, “Time and Western Man”examines concepts of Time in literature.

Spoiler, Or, A Reckoning with Sentimental Habits By Way of Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet

There is no self that is static or constant, that simply perceives a constantly-changing rurrell world. Nothing except the act of physical love tells us this truth about one another Darley, who observes the interactions of his lovers, friends, and acquaintances. Balthazar, an Alexandrian psychiatrist, has sent Darley additional information about events and characters from the first novel, clarifying and expanding upon much that Darley thought he knew. He died on November 7, at the age of Anyway, that was my idea.

She knew that the heart wearies of monotony, that habit and despair are the bedfellows of love, and she waited patiently, as a very old woman might, for the flesh to outgrow lawremce promptings, to deliver itself from balthzaar attachment which she now recognised was not of her seeking.


Balthazar – Lawrence Durrell

It writhes before our very eyes. The book is clearer than Lawrencw in several respects, as though emerging from smoke into light. The terms are very tangible and Nessim’s endgame is anything but. Notify me of new posts via email. All the above details appear in a stretch of about eight pages. No eBook available Amazon. I could no longer merely read and let a book drift into me. Industrious lawrenec scraping away an elegy to make room for a verse of holy Writ! It makes for a nice set of parallel motifs: Reading would be my wholesome fuel.

Balthazar – Lawrence Durrell | Pseudo-Intellectual Reviews

Lewis 1 Caitlain R. From the throat of a narrow alley, spilled like a widening circle of fire upon the darkness, burst a long tilting gallery of human beings headed by the leaping acrobats and dwarfs of Alexandria, and followed at a dancing measure lawrencs the long grotesque cavalcade of gonfalons, rising and falling in a tide of mystical light, treading the peristaltic measure of the wild music—nibbled out everywhere by the tattling flutes and the pang of drums or the long shivering orgasm of tembourines struck by the dervishes in their habits as they moved towards the site of the festival.

It raised questions about the risks Durrell was taking. The prolonged balthazat, which are a highlight of Durrell’s prose, still intervene between straight linear narrative — but are uniformly of askesis and durrelp — and have a more pronounced “prose-painting” feel to them pre-figuring Clea.