ALTCS will fund your assisted living. Work with experts on your application to ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) for seniors, the disabled and veterans. To start an application, call your local ALTCS office. To learn more about ALTCS, click here. To locate a Medicaid. not including a home or vehicle – Must need ongoing services at a nursing facility level of care.

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Most of the time we primarily work with a close family member or trusted friend of the applicant.

You do need to have access to their personal information and records, and they will need to sign some forms. If they are medically unable to sign, we can deal with that in other ways. If you applicatlon very low income and assets it is easier, but still not easy.

Some applicants run into a lot of frustration and trouble, especially in cases involving trusts or married couples community spouses. ALTCS is not going to be very helpful when you are exhausted and confused. If you miss a deadline they will deny your case and send you to the back of alycs line.

Arizona Medicaid Long Term Care Services: Benefits & Eligibility

Many people wind up being denied for small errors that could have been easily fixed because they did not understand or they just gave up. For single applicants a spend down on care costs is sometimes a practical choice. For married couples it is often not the best option. They may tell applictaion that you need an Income Only Miller Trust and to call a lawyer. Make sure you understand ALTCS policy and consider all your options before spending down or paying high attorney fees.

We take much applicationn the burden off exhausted spouses and family members. We save our clients money and time. If altfs go it alone you may wind up losing far more money from delayed or denied benefits than you would have paid SAS to help.

When you hire SAS as your Authorized Representative, you avoid taking on what amounts to a new part-time job that can last several months. You also avoid potentially costly errors in your application process.

We handle cases on a flat fee basis. Simpler cases cost less, and complicated cases cost more. Hiring SAS is a “no brainer” – unless you have endless patience, tons of free time, and are good with forms and following strict rules. The ALTCS application process is not always horrible, but for many people it is a frustrating and confusing hassle that ends with anger and disappointment.

We typically do not charge an additional fee to be Authorized Representative for an appeal. We also do not charge an additional fee to re-apply within one year after a denial for medical reasons. Call us for more information. For your first call we just need an overview of your age, residency, citizenship, marital status, assets, income, insurances, and medical situation.

The call takes about five minutes. If you then think you might want us to help you, we will arrange to meet at our office or in your home for a more detailed conversation.

If you then decide to work with us, we will request more specific information and copies of documents such as recent bank statements, pay stubs, etc. We will help you gather these things, but it is ultimately your responsibility to provide needed information and copies. Most of the people we help are seniors, but we are equally adept at DD applications. We can still help. If there is a problem, we will know how it can be fixed. Once we review your case, we will tell you if you need to request a Fair Hearing or reapply.

  LEI 11416 DE 2006 PDF

It is always best to send us a copy of your Denial Notice right away, because the time allowed for filing a Hearing Request is short.

Do They Pay Applicatoin Cash? ALTCS does not pay you cash, but the Program Contractor may pay cash to a qualified caregiver who takes care of you if they meet certain requirements. What is the Monthly Income Limit?

How do I Apply for ALTCS? Applying to ALTCS; The Basics

For married applicants, Community Spouse rules may allow the applicant to have more monthly income. If an applicant is over the income limit, they may elect to have an Income Only Trust, which is also referred to as a Miller Trust. Not all types of income are counted. Some are excluded, such as Agent Orange payments and some VA need-based benefits. It gets complicated, so ask us about your specific case for more information.

Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS)

What is a Miller Trust? In essence this is a special checking account with set monthly disbursements made by a Trustee that allows ALTCS to recover excess income by way of a Share of Cost payment. The actual piece of paper that creates this trust is sometimes sold by attorneys for a significant fee.

This paper is referred to as the “trust instrument”. The real work is in getting altc trust bank account and disbursement schedule verified and approved by ALTCS. If altvs are working with an attorney or another ALTCS assistance provider, make sure they will assist you with completing these tasks, as well as selling you the trust instrument.

Without expert assistance in getting the disbursement schedule DE and bank account setup and approved by ALTCS, the trust instrument itself is worthless. ALTCS is very picky about how these trusts are set up, so be very careful and make sure you hire someone who will help you through the entire process.

Will Assets Held in Trust be Counted? For applicants who are Grantors, assets in a Revocable Trust are counted and assets in an Irrevocable Trust may or may not be counted depending on several factors. Generally these factors involve whether the Grantor applicant retains rights to receive income, invade principal, or applicatkon as trustee. For an Irrevocable Trust to not be counted the Grantor must not retain any control or rights to receive disbursements.

Special Needs Trusts where the applicant is the beneficiary must meet certain requirements to be excluded. ALTCS will ask if you have given away, sold, or changed the name on the title or deed for any money or property in the past five years from the first day of the month the application was requested.

They will also want to know if any such transfer was compensated. If not, they applicatiln still approve the application but assess a Transfer Penalty, unless the transfer falls within an exception. If you sell a resource aaltcs you are approved for ALTCS that was not counted exempt when you applied, like your house or your car, and you turn it into a counted resource like cashthis could make you ineligible. Call us first and we will let you know if you should worry about such a transfer impairing your eligibility.

I am a Veteran. Maybe, but not in a bad way. Wartime veterans or their surviving spouses applicatin be required to apply to the VA for a need-based pension as applicaiton of their ALTCS process.

We will let you know if this affects you when we review your case. If you do need to apply for VA benefits, we will show you what you need to do to meet this requirement. It’s no big deal, and you might get an additional cash benefit if you’re eligible. This is a high standard, and requires that the person needs a high level of assistance with many daily tasks of living such as dressing, toileting, bathing, medications, etc. If the score is 55 or higher but below 60, management will review the score.


Physician reviews often result in the applicant being found medically eligible, but not always. If the applicant is found medically ineligible, you can re-apply when ready. It gets complicated, so let us review your specific situation to advise you how this may apply to your case. What If I am Married? ALTCS uses different standards to determine whether married people are eligible. Community Spouse rules apply to married applicants unless both married spouses live in nursing homes as opposed to living at home or in assisted living.

Community Spouse rules allow married people to have more income or assets. It takes about two months from the day we request the application to get a decision, but if you are approved then benefits are applied back to the first day of that month.

Cases involving trusts or other complicated factors may take longer. The Program Contractor will then assign a Case Manager who will meet with you to develop a specific plan for your care. To see which Program Contractors serve your county, click on this link: If you have a choice and you are in a facility, ask the facility who they prefer to work with.

We guarantee that we will work hard to make sure you get approved, and that you will not get denied do to any error on our part. We will also help you reapply for no additional fee within one year, and we typically do not charge an additional fee for appeals. Our guarantee is in writing in our Service Agreement. Will they refund the fee for a denial based on any reason, or just for medical reasons?

We usually will refund a prorated portion of the fee when the application is cancelled early in the process, but usually not when it is denied after substantial work has been completed by SAS. This because there are lots of factors that we do not control, such as medical eligibility, errors caused by ALTCS, and failure of the customer to submit required documents.

In-home services are intended to help you to remain in your home.

Majority of Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) Applications are Denied

Once you are approved, you receive acute care services even during a penalty period. Your ALTCS Program Contractor will give you an opportunity to pick your own primary care physician from an approved listing, or will pick one for you if you do not make a choice. If you choose to see a non-contracting physician, you will be responsible for the payment for that medical service.

Do You Give Legal Advice? This is not a law firm, we are not attorneys in Arizona, and we do not give out legal applicztion. If you need legal help as part of your ALTCS application process, we know some great Arizona lawyers who are happy to work with us when you need them.

We will let you know when that is the case.